Spiral Interactive Sculpture in Brass and Aluminum

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This striking interactive 28" tall spiral metal sculpture displays well on a mantle or as a table top centerpiece, it's even found its way onto a few well known executive desks. 

The 42 aircraft aluminum bars rotate about the internal stainless steel shaft, so they can be arranged however desired. Simply loosen the brass cone nut on top and leave it to the imagination of your guests when they've had too many glasses of wine...

Each bar is completed with two press fit naval brass inlays, visible from both sides. Separating each bar is an individually made brass washer. All pieces are hand machined, no automation here. Each piece has been painstakingly hand brushed to a pleasing soft satin finish.

Eight cylindrical brass feet set off the seven inch diameter machined footplate, each held in place by a small gun blued tapered pin.

Sculpture measure 28" tall and 7.5" at base.

Signed and numbered on base.

Available up to 3x scale, please contact me for more info on pricing. dan@dpcustomworks.com

Estimated lead time on this sculpture is 3-4 weeks