About DPCustoms

Hi. I'm Dan Potampa and I'm in love with building stuff.
  People ask how I started DPCustoms, and my honest answer is that I didn't.
                                   My customers created DPCustoms.
I think a lot of businesses forget that these days and get caught up in a frantic rush to sell the highest volume, cheapest version product that is just "good enough".  At DPCustoms, it's not about rock bottom prices or artificial free shipping.
It's about quality.
I'm honest about the time and cost involved in providing truly custom creations of the highest quality. There are no resold or outsourced items here. Every design is 100% original. Each piece is made 100% with my own hands, and approved by my own eyes. The philosophy is simple, if I can't make it myself, I won't sell it. That might not be the most lucrative business plan, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I like to think of each purchase as a gift, one that enables me to continue using my own.
I've either been building something or taking it apart ever since I was a little kid. There's something about the pure joy and fascination of simple creation that enchants me after all these years. I'm quite a bit older now, but ask anyone who's seen me at work in the shop... I'm just an excited kid with a bunch of tools.